Dynatron "Origins" LP


* 180-gram+ LP on Black, Neon Orange and Orange-and-Red Splatter.

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The master of interplanetary discovery returns.

One of the original artists of synthwave, Denmark's Dynatron is a trailblazer in off-world soundscapes, meticulously crafting the soundtrack to eternal space exploration.

Following on the heels of the acclaimed, ambient “Rigel Axiom” EP; Dynatron's long- and highly-awaited third album arrives. “Origins” is his most personal work to date – a quest for meaning through the infinite chaos, a meditation on loneliness and the painstaking search for hope.

Some say synthwave is dead ...

During the past decade, the scene has indeed risen, splintered, and sub-splintered; but Dynatron remains firmly anchored as one of its true, original voices.

Dynatron is the proof that synthwave lives.

Building upon the cinematic atmosphere of his previous work – exploring a massive variety of analogue synthesizers – “Origins” is the perfect throwback to the genre's beginnings. Retro, ethereal, and passionate.

The record touches upon synthwave's foundations while expanding Dynatron's scope through a wider range of musical instrumentation. Orchestral sounds give the album a more human feel. Choir and strings mix against synthesizer flourishes to create a supernatural aura.

On Dynatron's previous album – “Aeternus” – astronauts venture deep into intergalactic space, but dire events force them to flee a foreign star system. Evacuating at lightspeed, they end up lost in darkness, hopelessness clawing at their minds.

The creation of “Origins” took Dynatron on a five-year exploration into the abyss of self-discovery.

“Origins” was never meant to be a personal album, but through its creation, Dynatron realized the astronauts stranded in darkness mirrored his own personal struggles.

The only way out was through hope.

Vinyl options:

- Orange-and-Red Splatter.
- Neon Orange.
- Black.

* Color copies limited to 100 copies in USA/Canada.
* 180-gram+ LP.
* Heavyweight 350gsm gatefold jacket with pantone metallic gold highlights.
* Inner gold flood printing.
* Layouts by Dynatron.
* Mastered for vinyl by Dynatron from the original, high-resolution mixes.
* Greatest album ever recorded.

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