URSA "Abyss Between the Stars" CD


* 4-panel digipack with 8-page booklet.

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With riffs so thunderous they tear holes through mountain peaks, URSA has arrived to enchant in the heaviest tradition of mystical sorcery, telling tales of animal spirits forged from smoke that dissipates above ancient caravan campfires on their debut album “Abyss Between the Stars”.

Weaving grandiose stories of wizards, dragons, spiders, and demons; URSA is the heaviest of bardic form, singing fascinating, barbarian tales of cutting human heads off with one swoop of the steel and brewing complex potions out of dragonfly wings. Consisting of ¾ of the legendary prog metal band Cormorant, URSA condenses all the innate and heavy mastery of Cormorant into focused, catchy, and powerful riffs that draw the listener in and empower them on their journey through the untamed wild west.

- Hearkening back to Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Dio, Saint Vitus, Sleep, and Candlemass, while creating a legend all their own, a new chapter in the tome of metal's deepest traditions
- High-quality CD in 4-panel, digipack with 8 page booklet showcasing the band's larger than life artwork
- Professionally glass-mastered for CD