Tommy '86 "Transhumanism" Cassette



* "Transhumanism" Cassette in four color configurations.
- Click on your desired colour below! Ships from Finland economy class, may take several weeks to arrive.**

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Legendary retrosynth "veteran" Tommy '86 delivers his first darksynth offering in the form of "Transhumanism." Combining pulsating, distorted leads that spiral and expand over jagged bass lines that cut like a knife – "Transhumanism" is equal parts Dan Terminus hyperactivity with Perturbator's slow, crawling meditations upon rising motifs.

The album's dystopian storyline takes place deep in the future, in the town of Citymulation. We track the exploits of the L.V.T.H.N. Project as its progressive A.I. attempts to mimic the human brain.

With extra production assistance by Dynatron and special guest appearances by labelmates Perturbator and Dan Terminus, "Transhumanism" conjures a deep, cinematic experience that's headed towards becoming the surprise synth sleeper hit of the year. 

* First time ever cassette pressing from the first darksynth offering by Tommy '86.
* Professionally replicated tape in real-time (superior sound quality) with screenprinted shell.
* 6-panel J-card with full-color printing.
* Option of FOUR colors to choose from.
* Amazing music.