SERDCE "Timelessness" CD


"Timelessness" CD

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The world will never be prepared for the onslaught that is Serdce.  This Belarusian powerhouse is set to make a massive blip on the international radar with the release of their fourth album, "Timelessness."  Taking 5 long years to carefully compose and produce the record, it's a perfect mixture of the best of 90's progressive death metal -- classics in the genre, such as Cynic "Focus" and "Traced in Air," along with Coroner, early Pestilence and Dream Theater -- updated for a new sound and new audience.

The album features gads of 7-minute long progressive opuses, twirling effortlessly through various genres, utilizing beautiful clean vocals / expert death metal growls, and drawing upon the best of progressive syncopation. 

* First time ever CD pressing from the new masters of progressive death metal.
* 1000 copies on CD.
* Professionally glass-mastered CD in jewel case with clear tray, with 12-panel booklet and printed front-and-back inlay.
* Amazing music.