Master Boot Record "Direct Memory Access" LP


* 180+ gram LP available in Black, Clear, or White and Silver Swirl

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MASTER BOOT RECORD - the self-described “cypher-metal” project has taken the internet by storm, combining baroque-inspired chiptune with heavily synthesized cyber-metal and melding into a package with the inner workings of ancient computer processing and cryptography.

On his fifth release, MBR displays incredible dexterity, weaving between the violent sounds of vast stores of memory being jammed into RAM alongside 8-bit flourishes that echo in the grandest of Renaissance halls alongside haunting vocals in the invented language of Öxxö.

Indeed, “Direct Memory Access” is the first instance of MBR with vocals. Gonzo French vocalist Öxxö Xööx (Rïcïnn, Igorrr) continually joins throughout the record, crafting a fugue-like state of incredible beauty – haunting, electric, and unique.

MBR and Öxxö Xööx combine on “Direct Memory Access” for a perfect drama, unfolding across the arcane circuitry of a 486 processor, resurrecting the spirits of dead and forgotten hardware in a grand opera that unites crytographers, metalheads, alchemists, and hackers.

And with this entry – and a live band forming – the MASTER BOOT RECORD project has finally come into its own. Sit down and jack in for “Direct Memory Access.”

* First-time pressing of the rapidly rising star's fifth album.
* The first Master Boot Record release with vocals – a collaboration with avant-garde and multi-talented vocalist Öxxö Xööx (Öxxö Xööx, Igorrr, Rïcïnn)
* From the composer of the original soundtrack for the upcoming point-and-click adventure video game VirtuaVerse, also to be released by Blood Music.
* 180-gram+ LP available in Black, Clear, or White and Silver Swirl.
* Mastered specifically for vinyl from the high-resolution original mixes.
* 350gsm heavyweight single pocket jacket with black flood inner printing, featuring incredibly cryptic artwork with secrets waiting to be uncovered.
* Poly-lined black inner sleeve.
* Amazing music.

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