Lychgate "The Contagion In Nine Steps" CD


* 4-panel Digipack CD with 8 page booklet

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The incredible third album by apocalyptic, avant garde black metal unit LYCHGATE - featuring frontman Greg Chandler (Esoteric) and mastermind Vortigern (The One). Taking the band's sound to the next level as they explore themes of swarm behaviour as exhibited by the machines in Stanisław Lem’s book “The Invincible,” as well as through Plato’s, Hegel’s, Le Bon's, and Canetti's ideas on civilization, consciousness, and crowd psychology.

* First-time pressing of the academic, avant garde black metal band's brilliant third album.
* 4-panel Digipack CD with 8 page booklet 
* Professionally-glass mastered CD with CD-specific mastering.
* Amazing music.

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