Kauan "Sorni Nai" CD


Kauan "Sorni Nai" CD.

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The prolific Russian/Ukrainian post rock/doom outfit returns with their brilliant seventh album in only eight year's time! "Sorni Nai" - the band's most mature work to date - is a concept album that references and expands upon territory explored in their previous work ("Pirut"), showcasing a single 52-minute long track, twisting through lush string orchestrations into sinister and operatic doom metal.

The album's concept focuses on the infamous Djatlov Pass Incident. In 1959, nine Soviet hikers went on a trip to reach Mt. Ortorten in the Ural Mountains. None of the hikers were seen alive again. Their bodies were found a mile from their campsite, missing their skis, shoes, and coats while braving -30°F weather. Two of them had fractured skulls, two had major chest fractures, and one was missing her tongue. Investigators listed the cause of death as "a compelling natural force," and the case was immediately closed. 

* Highly demanded second pressing of Kauan's incredibly lush 7th album, ruminating on the subject of the infamous Djatlov Pass Incident.
* 4-panel reverse-board, rough-coated digipack.
* 12-panel offset-paper rough-coated booklet, featuring additional artwork, unique to the CD release.
* Professionally-glass mastered CD with CD-specific mastering.
* Amazing music.

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