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"Garden of Shadows" CD

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Perhaps a first in the history of extreme metal ... a one-of-a-kind release by the forgotten classic Finnish death metal outfit Scum!

Hailing from Parikkala (eastern Finland), this obscure five-piece unit formed in 1990 – at the onset of Finnish death metal – and quickly landed a spot on Quorthon (Bathory)'s Black Mark Production label.

Scum kicked out two back-to-back albums in the mid-90s, the first was a solid straight-up doom/death metal effort entitled “Mother Nature” (1994). The second one took things in a decidely more psychedelic manner and was unleashed with the awesome title “Purple Dreams & Magic Poems” (1995).

Being unfortunately overshadowed by the known Swedish death metal outfits on their label (Edge of Sanity / Necrophobic) and by comparatively interesting bands at home (Amorphis / Demigod), the band failed to reach its intended audience.

In 1996, Scum spent their own time and money to record their final album, entitled “Garden of Shadows.” They sent it in to Quorthon to release, and they never heard from him again. The band broke up soon after, and the album was stuffed inside a drawer never to be listened to by anyone.

After a round of nearly three years (!) of discussions, the band was finally encouraged to send the original master of the album to Blood Music. Forget the nostalgia trip of currently reforming 90s death metal bands or youngsters trying to emulate 'the old days.' It was shocking to hear this excellent and undiscovered record that had been sitting dormant so long!

This is THE REAL DEAL – a first time publication of a classic death metal album that has never been heard before, stuffed in a drawer for several decades to incubate. Think an authentic companion piece to Amorphis's “Tales From the Thousand Lakes” mixed with doses of death n' roll and a little bit of high-powered marijuana, and you're on the right track.

The album release includes the original artwork designed by the band in 1996, as well as original photos from the era, used to authentically recreate the entire package as it was envisioned for release in the mid 90s.

Since the album was completed in 1996 and slated for release then, we made the collective decision to debut it at a rather appropriate time. “Garden of Shadows” was released at the end of 2016, on its 20th anniversary of never being heard.

Track list:

1. I Am Messiah
2. Golden Seeds
3. Mountain of the Hawks
4. Rise Like Morning Star
5. On the Altar of the Mystic Centuries (Prologue)
6. Trilogian Tales
7. Black Swan
8. Garden of Shadows (Epilogue)

* Highly-awaited first pressing of a lost death metal classic!
* 6-panel, fold-out panorama digipack with silver pantone printing and silky-smooth, anti-scratch matte lamination finish.
* 1000 copies.
* Professionally-glass mastered CD with CD-specific mastering.
* Amazing music.

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