Setentia "Darkness Transcend" CD


"Darkness Transcend" CD

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Setentia - the incredible, young New Zealand-based experimental death metal outfit - traverses the bridge between abrasive, swirling ferocity and ambient hymns of intense and measured tremolo-picking.

Spending more than half-a-decade sculpting their signature sound; Setentia draws on influences from bands such as Gorguts, Ulcerate, Deathspell Omega, Fallujah, and Blut Aus Nord. Taking several years to complete their debut masterwork, the band's first album - "Darkness Transcend" - is set to be unleashed, carving their name alongside the masters of death metal ambiance.

* First-time pressing of Setentia's incredible debut album.
* 6-panel fold-out panorama digipack with full album artwork.
* Professionally-glass mastered CD with CD-specific mastering.
* Amazing music.

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