Ordering Information & Privacy Policy

To contact us - support [at] blood-music [dot] com

In-stock items - are generally shipped via US postal service (to USA addresses) and via US postal service or courier (including UPS, DHL, among others) to Canada within 72 hours of checkout.  Nearly every item is sent with a tracking number.

Pre-ordered products - will be specifically held until stock arrives and shipped as soon as the product becomes available.  Please be mindful of release dates!

If your order contains both in-stock and pre-order items, the entire order will ship out together when the latest pre-order item becomes available.

Once shipped, packages can take anywhere from one day to two weeks to arrive, depending upon your location.

Pre-ordered records MAY experience some kinds of delays past their published release dates.  All delays will be mentioned multiple times on the Blood Music social media pages, linked below:


Shipping fees include some or all of the following: packaging, handling fees, as well as postage costs.  Shipping fees are non-negotiable.

Once an order enters our system, we cannot group it together with a second order placed separately.  We also will not cancel an order so you can place another order.  Please be sure of what you place in your order. 

Please also be aware of what vinyl color you put in your shopping cart!  We cannot switch vinyl colors after an order has been placed.

If you think you might be very particular about surface noise or other issues with regards to vinyl, it is recommended that you ONLY PURCHASE BLACK VINYL. All materials are manufactured by hand and are considered perfect or near-perfect by just about everyone. In about 1 out of 10000 cases, customers are unhappy with the way a color looks in person based on prior expectations or with artifacts that may be inherent in the process of mixing alternate colors for pressing.  This almost never happens, but it does happen - and the label and its manufacturer ask that you stick only to black vinyl, as black vinyl should be the 'purest' form possible on most pressings. This is rarely an issue, and all pressings are quality controlled before shipping from the manufacturer.

We are not able to open shrinkwrap to remove vinyl from the jackets.

How our vinyl is packed from the factory:

Nearly all color vinyl comes in a polybag, with the vinyl outside the jacket.  Nearly all of our black vinyl that comes in a gatefold is shrinkwrapped, with the vinyl packed outside the jacket pockets and in-between the gatefold.  Nearly all of our black vinyl that is in a single-pocket jacket has the vinyl packed inside the jacket pocket.

** Your package will be dispatched at your own risk, but special care is taken to protect fragile objects.  Despite this, postal mishandling is still possible, please be aware!

** If your parcel looks damaged in any way, please report the damage to the courier when they hand it to you and open the box in their presence in order to ensure that the contents inside are still in good condition.  If they are not in good condition, then please report the damage with the courier and follow their instructions.  If you accept and sign for a damaged package, it is impossible to make a claim and alleviates us and the courier from responsibility.

** If the item you receive is defective, please inform us within 14 days of receipt with clear evidence.  If this time elapses, we cannot help any longer.

** We reserve the right to not sell to any customers or shipping zones that we feel are insecure to transact with.  Chargebacks are costly for us, and we reserve the right to not sell again to any customer that issues a chargeback against us.

** No returns accepted without prior arrangements.  No exchanges accepted without prior arrangements.  No cancellations.  All sales are final.

We will not sell your information.  All personal information obtained (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) is for internal use only for processing payments, contacting you in case of issue, and dispatching items.

If you have an issue with your order, please calmly inform us via e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Our customer support e-mail address is: support@blood-music.com


GDPR Compliance
As per the new laws requiring GDPR compliance, here is all pertinent information for full transparency.

What customer information do we store?
- Addresses
- Names
- Phone numbers and email addresses
- Basic credit card information (name on card, etc.)
- PayPal e-mail addresses
- Order information (contents, value)

Where does it come from?
- Our customers themselves
- PayPal

Who do we share it with?
- Our shippers (address, name, phone number, and email)
- BrainTree, our credit card processing partner (address, name, credit card information)

What do we do with it?
- Accept payment for goods
- Ship goods to customers
- Contact customers regarding orders

How long do we keep it?
- Until customers request we delete it, until then they are assumed to be continuing customers

Where do we store this information?
- Our internal email and shop servers
- Our shippers’ servers

How does the data flow between them?
- We import order data to our shippers upload portals by exporting the data onto our secure computers and formatting it to meet their requirements for upload
- We sometimes receive or type customer data in secure, encrypted emails if changes or special requests are made or required by customers themselves for their orders

Who do we need to process this personal information?
- To accept payment for goods and deliver them using the address and contact information provided to us by our customers

Customer considerations
- By shopping with us, signing up for an account on our website, and submitting your contact, address, and payment information, you are granting us consent to use this information as we have outlined here for the purpose of fulfilling our duty in selling and delivering goods
- If you are under the age of 13 or 18 (depending on your country’s consumer laws), you must receive consent from your parent or guardian to shop with us and provide your personal information. By shopping with us, you are agreeing that you have obtained this consent and we cannot be held liable if this is not the case and your parent or guardian objects to any transactions placed with us or information shared with us.