Chaos Moon "Eschaton Mémoire" CD


"Eschaton Mémoire" CD in 6-panel digipack

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Chaos Moon returns.

One of the hidden gems of the US black metal scene, Chaos Moon has continually evolved their sound since 2004 into something strange and extraordinary. “Eschaton Mémoire” showcases the band in top form, delivering psychedelic-laced, ethereal black metal that draws upon the synth atmospheres found on 
Emperor's “In the Nightside Eclipse,” combined with dark ambient elements reminiscent of fellow USBM legend Leviathan alongside a hint of Manes' "Under Ein Blodraud Maane." The perfect throwback to the best of the Norwegian second wave.

Featuring members from underground legends Martröð, Skáphe, and Krieg, and with cover artwork by Jef Whitehead (Leviathan) himself, “Eschaton Mémoire” delivers one of the freshest black metal sounds in a long time, 
skillfully mixed by S. at Afgrundsmysticism Studios. Presented as a deluxe 180 gram 2xLP in gatefold jacket, this is a must-hear album for any black metal fan.

Three songs only. Each one over ten minutes. A tour de force tale in the demise of existence.

* Chaos Moon's highly-awaited sixth album, pushing the boundaries of the Norwegian second wave of black metal into psychedelic and ambient realms.
* 6-panel high-quality digipack with gold highlights.
* Glass-mastered specifically for CD.
* Three epic tracks that take the listener on a journey to other worlds.