Records produced and manufactured by Blood Music.

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  • Abigail Williams

    Crushing American black metal exploring and mastering every iteration of the genre's history.

  • Aquilus

    The black metal film score.

  • Arcturus

    Shipwrecked pioneers of black metal!

  • Astronoid

    Boston-based 'dream thrash' wizardry.

  • Avandra

    Puerto Rican prog metal rising stars, combining the best of Opeth, Dream Theater, The Porcupine Tree, and The Ocean Collective with the soulful mastery of Seal.

  • Carbon Based Lifeforms

    Legends of Swedish ambient electro.

  • Chaos Moon

    Psychedelic trips through the black metal cosmos.

  • Cloudkicker


  • Colosseum

    Legendary Finnish doom.

  • Corpo-Mente

    The leaders in experimental opera!

  • Dan Terminus

    The elegant maestro of retro futuristic actionwave.

  • Dynatron

    Extraterrestrial darksynth.

  • Emperor

    The greatest black metal band of all-time.

  • Ensiferum

    The masters of Finnish folk metal.

  • Gire

    Experimental Hungarian death metal.

  • GosT

    Slasherwave strikes back.

  • Grey Aura

    The incredible, one-of-a-kind Dutch black metal unit.

  • Hollywood Burns

    The magic of Jerry Goldsmith and Bernard Herrmann, 50's sci-fi radio dramas, 70's funk and disco, and 80's electro all combined into a masterpiece of sound.

  • Irreversible Mechanism

    Belarusia's defining answer to neoclassical technical death metal.

  • Kauan

    We debut the fifth album from this incredible Russian/Ukrainian band, "Pirut."

  • King Gizzard & The...

    Insanely inventive psychedelic rock.

  • Lychgate

    Academic, apocalyptic black metal from the UK.

  • Master Boot Record

    Baroque flourishes through electro "cypher metal" chiptune, a dizzying tour-de-force through the guts of cryptic computer.

  • maudlin of the Well

    Experimental, progressive death metal meets chamber orchestral arrangements.

  • Megaton Leviathan

    Alchemical purveyors of doom and shoegaze spiritual mysticism.

  • Moonsorrow

    Wizards of folk/black metal. Finnish legends. The best of Nordic pagan metal.

  • Noneuclid

    Experimental death / thrash, featuring members of Obscura, Triptykon, Dark Fortress.

  • OddZoo

    Rising stars of the French electro and indie/noise scene.

  • Odium

    Classic Norwegian black metal, featuring members of Emperor, Zyklon-B, and Myrkskog.

  • Öxxö Xööx

    French, outsider experimental doom metal, featuring members from Corpo-Mente & Igorrr.

  • Perturbator

    The master of retro-futurism.

  • Rïcïnn

    The one-woman French powerhouse, whose oeuvre elicits the ethereal realms of outsider artists Diamanda Galás, Chelsea Wolfe, and Klaus Nomi.

  • Scum

    Classic Finnish death metal.

  • Setentia

    Experimental death metal from New Zealand, ala Gorguts / Ulcerate / Blut aus Nord / Deathspell Omega.

  • Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

    Extraordinary experimental lords of avant-rock.

  • Strapping Young Lad

    The kings of industrial/death destruction. Led by mastermind Devin Townsend.

  • Thy Catafalque

    Nice music for nice people!

  • Toby Driver

    The mastermind artist behind maudlin of the Well and Kayo Dot.

  • Tommy '86

    French darksynth, ala Perturbator / Dan Terminus.

  • URSA

    The heaviest of bardic form weaving grandiose stories of wizards, dragons, spiders and demons.

  • Wolvhammer

    Vile raw black metal.