Wolvhammer "The Monuments of Ash & Bone" LP

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* 180+ gram LP available in Black or Gold

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With the current rapid rise in quality USBM, Wolvhammer races to the forefront with their upcoming fourth album which sees them merging the black metal tendencies of Enslaved with the mid-tempo sludge of Celtic Frost. Eschewing any frills, the band goes straight for the throat.

No experimental bs, just the sound of rotten flesh and slow decay.

Featuring Jeff Wilson (Nachtmystium / one of the forces behind Abigail Williams “The Accuser”) and Adam Clemens (vocalist for Skeletonwitch) and produced by Jarrett Pritchard (1349 / Goatwhore), Wolvhammer has finally stepped into their own. With audio mastered by Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams, The Faceless). 

“The Monuments of Ash & Bone” sees Wolvhammer at their most focused. One of those rare records that is just brilliant in its simplicity.

- Wolvhammer's highly-awaited fourth album, showing a controlled mastery amongst their filthy veneer.
- Featuring members of Skeletonwitch, Abigail Williams and Nachtmystium.
- 180-gram+ LP, Mastered specifically for vinyl.
- Heavy board single-pocket 350gsm jacket.
- Black poly-lined inner sleeve.
- Amazing music.

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