Aquilus "Bellum I" 2xLP

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* 180+ gram 2xLP, available in Aqua Marine, Clear-and-Black Marble, Farm-to-Table Mystery or Black.

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The impossible has become possible.

Aquilus returns.

The enigmatic, atmospheric metal band became one of the most whispered-about secrets in the metal scene, following the quiet release of their debut album “Griseus” in 2011.
A 2013 vinyl release rocketed the band into public consciousness, and “Griseus” slowly amassed a following of devoted fans, climbing its way to being voted #1 album of the decade on MetalStorm.

For eight years, an epic, sophomore masterwork was-in-the-making. So legendary, in fact, that fans hardly believe it exists.

The opus grew so furiously, the decision was ultimately made to split the work into two parts, culminating with the release of the first album – “Bellum I”.

“Bellum I” showcases the band's rare amalgam of authentic classical, European folk, and black metal influences, alongside Aquilus's unique multi-instrumentation and compositional complexity.
Metal influences, ranging from early Metallica to the early works of Solefald, Opeth, and Katatonia, combine with the classical romanticism of Rachmaninov and Chopin.

“Bellum I” also continues Aquilus's signature blend of acoustic elements with an assortment of acoustic guitars and pianos to violins, mandolas, fipple flutes, balalaika, gusli, and bowed psaltery – recalling the aurae and dexterity of emotive film composers Bernard Herrmann and Thomas Newman.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Aquilus's music is composed and produced by one person – Horace Rosenqvist – recorded in collaboration with session musicians. The amount of detail poured into each note is immeasurable. Years of dedication were undertaken to produce the finest works.

We believe “Bellum I” is a stunning tribute to perfection. A testament to the beauty and chaos of creation.

Vinyl options -

- Aquamarine.
- Clear-and-Black Marble.
- Farm-to-Table Mystery.
- Black.

* Aquamarine limited to 65 copies in the Rest of the World.
* Marble and Farm-to-Table limited to 125 copies in the Rest of the World.
* Farm-to-Table Mystery is an organic blend of our finest vinyl beans, harvested in our temperature-cooled ranch then dry-roasted over ... just kidding. The color is a mystery even to us! The plant uses recycled vinyl to create a unique mixture. Good for the planet, interesting for everyone. It's possible, maybe even probable, it's a swirl or a marble because of the various colors used. But who knows? Every vinyl pressed could look different. Half could look one way, half could look another. We have no idea! But the album will be organic and taste just great.
* 180-gram+ 2xLP.
* Heavyweight 350gsm gatefold jacket.
* Inner black flood printing.
* Mastered for vinyl from the original, high-resolution mixes at Fascination Street Studios (Sweden).

(Please note that the clear marble is an approximation of how the final will look. They are physical pigments mixed together, so it could look like this or a bit different.)

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