Rïcïnn "Lïan" 2xLP

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* 180+ gram 2xLP available in Black or Frosted Clear with Black Marble

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Rïcïnn - the one-woman French powerhouse, whose oeuvre elicits the ethereal realms of outsider artists Diamanda Galás, Chelsea Wolfe, and Klaus Nomi - will be releasing her debut album “Lïan” on vinyl on December 1st, 2017

Rïcïnn's voice became her own due to the baroque / triphop unit Corpo-Mente, Öxxö Xööx - an "avant-garde" doom project, and live interpretations in the death / baroque / breakcore project Igorrr. It was during these collaborations that the beginnings of what would become her very first album - "Lïan" - began.

Language is the reason behind Rïcïnn, in reaction to her difficulty to express herself to a world in her "native tongue", the need to reach for a higher form of communication and translate her imagination to others. Still as a child, she concocted magical remedies and verbal formulas to help others heal their wounds.

Using her voice as a tool of emotional conduction, she manages to combine her modern and classical musical influences into a surreal concoction, alternating between "doomish/metal/electronic" sounds with methods of baroque (sometimes nearly Gregorian) compositions. Resulting in a celestial dance, moving into an unexpected explosion of terror, each sacred in their own right.


1. Uma
2. Onde
3. Orchid
4. Sïen Lïan
5. Little Bird
6. Orpheus
7. Drima
8. Lumna
9. Ohm
10. Laid in Earth (H. Purcell)

H. Purcell)

* First-time vinyl pressing of Rïcïnn's (Corpo-Mente, Öxxö Xööx, Igorrr) solo debut album.
* Pressed on 180-gram+ heavyweight vinyl.
* Heavyweight 350gsm gatefold jacket with full album artwork.
* Professionally mastered specifically for vinyl from the high resolution original mixes.
* Amazing music.

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