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"VIRTUAVERSE.OST" CD in jewel case with 12-page booklet.

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Fresh off his Metal Blade debut, cypher-metal artist MASTER BOOT RECORD delivers the original soundtrack to the hit point-and-click adventure video game VirtuaVerse. A first in the video game industry, VirtuaVerse was released by record label Blood Music to acclaim in the indie gaming world.

Carving his own niche out of both the chiptune and metal worlds (self-describing as cypher-metal), MASTER BOOT RECORD welds
his influences together masterfully with his classical leads and 8-bit melodies over chugging guitars and pounding drums.

"VIRTUAVERSE.OST" takes the listener on a tour through cracked software, retro technology, hardware graveyards, and much more that unifies cryptographers, demosceners, warez aficionados, and hackers.

Jack in and spread the code.

* 12-page stapled booklet with loads of new artwork based on VirtuaVerse.
* Jewel case.
* Professionally glass-mastered for CD.
* Layouts by Valenberg.
* Amazing music.

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