Irreversible Mechanism "Infinite Fields" LP

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The long-awaited and hard-earned vinyl release of Irreversible Mechanism "Infinite Fields." Signed to Blood Music with only 200 fans on their FB page, the band has rocketed to nearly 9000 fans in a year-and-a-half. Called "the new Necrophagist" by many publications, "Infinite Fields" sold out its initial CD pressing immediately upon launch and has nearly sold out its second, as well being found in more than 500 Bandcamp collections. Irreversible Mechanism will finally hit wax for the first time ever.

"Blood Music will soon be releasing the explosive debut album from Belarusian neoclassical / progressive technical death metal band – Irreversible Mechanism. “Infinite Fields” - features two newcomers from the Belarusian scene (Yaroslav Korotkin / Vladislav Nekrash) on songwriting duties, as well as Lyle Cooper (The Faceless) on drums, with production by Sami Raatikainen (Necrophagist) and art by Par Olofsson (Psycroptic). The album elicits some of the most self-assured and mature tech death to date - pulling from influences such as Obscura, Beyond Creation, and Fleshgod Apocalypse."

* Highly-awaited first pressing of the smash tech-death metal hit.
* 180-gram+ LP.
* Mastered specifically for vinyl from the original mixes.
* Heavyweight 350gsm single-pocket jacket with black flood printing inside the jacket pocket.
* Printed inner sleeve with lyrics.
* Amazing music.

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