Astronoid "Air" LP

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* 180-gram LP available in Black or Ultra-Clear

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The hard-earned vinyl release of Astronoid "Air." Relatively obscure upon release, Astronoid wound up being discussed in most major metal blogs as the band to watch in 2016. A massively impressive debut has led in only a few months time to well over 1000 Bandcamp collections + sold out first pressings on CD and vinyl. Requested hundreds of times ... Astronoid will now hit wax once more for another shot at owning the highly sought after vinyl edition.

"Astronoid - the astronomically-themed 'dream thrash' Boston five-piece twists through intense tremolo-picked galaxies, condensing soundscapes from a wide variety of artists – Alcest, Devin Townsend, Deafheaven, Dragonforce – to a single and very unique core. With two acclaimed EPs under their belt, the band was hard at work on their debut album for more than two years.

"Air" considerably ups the ante on the band's previous material, bringing in a gloss of soaring major key atmospheres alongside constant, intense, galactic shredding – eliciting something so familiar yet so unique. The record is in fact so accessible, yet like nothing we've ever heard before.

The band's frontman Brett Boland says:

'Influences for the album range from extreme metal to progressive pop music. Artists like Emperor official, Enslaved, and Ihsahn -Official- drove my writing in a more metal direction, while groups like Mew, M83, and Cynic complemented the aggression with vocal harmonies and pop influenced song structure.

This band was created to write music that I could not find elsewhere, that I was yearning to hear. I'm hopeful that others will share the excitement I have over the record. We have created something that encapsulates what I love most about music; something that is fast, progressive, and ethereal.'"

* Highly-awaited second pressing of the massively-acclaimed debut album!
* 180-gram+ LP, available in Black and Ultra-clear.
* Mastered specifically for vinyl from the original mixes by the band themselves.
* Heavyweight 350gsm single-pocket jacket and printed inner sleeve, including the lyrics. Layouts done by the band themselves.
* Amazing music.

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