About Us


Our Association

Blood Music RY is a non-profit association, dedicated to anthropological and cultural preservation of extreme metal music.  Based out of Helsinki, Finland, our goals are to promote and maintain the flow of information within the extreme metal community.

Our actions include [but are not limited to]: the production of documentaries on the subject of metal, fund-raising through the pressing of classic but unpublished/out-of-print records; translation and publication of metal-themed writings into- and out-of their original Nordic languages; conducting local instructional workshops with accomplished metal musicians; and aiding artists, writers, museums, and other entities with extreme metal-based grants.


Established in an attic in Tampere, Finland, in April, 2011. Blood Music became a registered association in Helsinki, Finland, in October, 2011.

Our first action was the not-for-profit release of the maudlin of the Well 4xLP + 7" Box Set. motW had been negotiating a vinyl release on these long-out-of-print albums for more than 10 years. 

Our Team

Blood Music RY is currently operated by three members. We're Agent J, Agent T, and Agent R.