Ordering Information


Available products are shipped economy class via Finnish postal service.  Turnaround time from order to shipment can be as high as 1-2 months, depending upon the current workload.  The label is run by one person and is receiving high amounts of orders.  ALL ORDERED ITEMS WILL BE SHIPPEDThere is no need to panic!

Once shipped, packages can take anywhere from three days to ten weeks to arrive, depending upon your location.  Some postal services move extremely slow!  There is no control over this.

Pre-ordered products will be specifically held until stock arrives and shipped as soon as the product becomes available.

Pre-ordered records MAY experience some kinds of delays past their published release dates.  This is extremely normal with vinyl these days, as plants can be backed up several months.  There is NOTHING that can be done about factory delays.  All delays will be mentioned multiple times on the Blood Music Facebook page, linked below:


Shipping fees include packaging, handling fees, taxes, as well as postage costs.  There is no negotiation about the shipping fees.

Once an order enters our system, we cannot group it together with a second order placed separately.  Even if two orders wind up shipping together, there will be no refunds.  Please be sure of what you place in your order.

No refunds will be given for aesthetic issues.  If you think you might be very particular about surface noise or other issues with regards to vinyl, it is recommended that you ONLY PURCHASE BLACK VINYL. All materials are manufactured by hand and are considered perfect or near-perfect by just about everyone. In about 1 out of 10000 cases, customers are unhappy with the way a color looks in person based on prior expectations or with artifacts that may be inherent in the process of mixing alternate colors for pressing.  This almost never happens, but it does happen - and the label and its manufacturer ask that you stick only to black vinyl, as black vinyl should be the 'purest' form possible on most pressings. This is rarely an issue, and all pressings are quality controled before shipping from the manufacturer.

**Your package will be dispatched at your own risk, but special care is taken to protect fragile objects.  Despite this, postal mishandling is still possible, please be aware!

**Blood Music is not responsible for any loss or breakage incurred during shipping and products will not be refunded.

**Any claims, chargebacks, or inquiries through PayPal will instantly result in us banning you from ever ordering from us again.

**We cannot cancel an order after it's already been placed.  It means extra costly paperwork for us, and we may have already allocated stock to a specific location on your behalf.  Please be certain about what you order.  

** We are overloaded with work and cannot make changes to any order once it's been placed.

** No returns accepted.  No exchanges accepted.  All sales are final.

** These rules may sound harsh, but they help streamline a very difficult and busy work schedule.  We're here to bring you great music in a hopefully great format.  100% of packages are shipped.  99.9% of packages arrive safely, and there is generally nothing to worry about.