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Leprous + Exivious LPs

Progressive metal masters - Leprous - see their smash sophomore effort "Bilateral" hit wax for the first time in a limited triple gatefold 45-RPM special edition 2xLP.

And Exivious - ex-members of Cynic - bring their two progressive jazz metal opuses to vinyl for the first time ever with 45-RPM special edition 2xLPs.

Pre-orders go live on August 20th at 5PM Finnish time.

Moonsorrow 14xLP Box

The largest extreme metal box set in history is coming for pre-order on May 28th, 2014.

Moonsorrow "Heritage: 1995-2008 - The Collected Works" is a completist anthology that took two years to put together and culls all recorded material from the legendary Finnish folk/black metal outfit from their inception until the year 2008. Read More

Perturbator + Serdce

The reigning king of retrofuturism - Perturbator - sees his music hit physical format for the first time in history with "Dangerous Days." The third album by this incredible artist is poised to blow minds and sold out on vinyl within 2 hours of pre-order! CDs are still available.

And one of the greatest progressive death metal records to hit the streets is now available for pre-order - SERDCE "Timelessness." Pulling equal parts Cynic, Pestilence, Atheist, Coroner, and Dream Theater, this is an album not to be missed!


The first open-source record releases in history have leaked.

MYSTERY 1 = Cloudkicker "The EPs," featuring "The Map Is Not The Territory," "Portmanteau," and "]]][[[."

MYSTERY 2 = Cloudkicker "The Discovery."

LPs are SOLD OUT in USA. There are a handful of copies remaining in our EU store.

Ifing + Noneuclid

Young masters of Nordic, pagan black metal -- Ifing -- see their debut album "Against This Weald" hit CD and wax for the first time in history, paying great homage to the masters - Ulver, Moonsorrow, Agalloch.

Experimental thrash/death insanity comes in the form of Noneuclid's self-produced sophomore effort - "Metatheosis" - featuring key members of Obscura, Triptykon, and Dark Fortress.

CDs and LPs are live for pre-order here.

Negură Bunget LPs

The reigning kings of Romanian mystical black metal -- Negură Bunget -- see their breakthrough masterpiece "Om" hit a long-awaited triple gatefold special-edition, alongside the companion piece "Inarborat Kosmos" which hits wax for the first time in history.

"Om" is SOLD OUT and there are only a handful of "Inarborat" copies remaining for order HERE!

Ensiferum + Kalmah 2xLPs

Finnish folk metal legends -- Ensiferum -- will see their masterpiece debut records "Ensiferum" and "Iron" hit special edition wax for the first time in history

Alongside the releases will be our favorite Finnish melodic death metal album -- Kalmah's "The Black Waltz."

Records are SOLD OUT!


Russian post-rock / funeral doom masters -- Kauan -- return to the scene with their fifth album, recorded specifically for release through Blood Music.

This is Blood Music's first "new" release, and we'll be debuting this 40-minute-long, single-track masterpiece on ultra-limited wax and limited CD.


Aquilus LPs + CDs

The undiscovered genius of the black metal film score -- atmospheric one-man band Aquilus hits vinyl for the first time in history with his full-length masterwork, "Griseus" on ultra-limited 2xLP, as well as seeing the first official publication of his dark, dreamlike "Arbor" EP on ultra-limited LP and CD.

Records are completely SOLD OUT! Read More

Ne Obliviscaris LPs

Prog metal maestros and darlings of the experimental metal scene -- Australia's Ne Obliviscaris hits vinyl for the first time in history.

We will be bringing the band's 2 works -- "Portal of I" and "The Aurora Veil" to ultra-limited and ultra-deluxe LPs.

Records SOLD OUT within 8 hours of pre-order!

Strapping Young Lad Box

A limited-edition STRAPPING YOUNG LAD 7xLP Deluxe Box Set is on the way.

The deluxe vinyl discography will include all five studio albums, extra non-album music, and much more.

The box set is SOLD OUT! Only single LP copies remain of each album in limited numbers! Read More

Blood Music Membership

Become a supporting member!

Benefits include Blood Music shirts and day-early pre-orders on our ultra-limited releases!

Hoodies and T-shirts are SOLD OUT! Read More

Of all that's written, I love only what a person's written in his own blood.
- Friedrich Nietzsche, "Vom Lesen und Schreiben"

About Us

Blood Music is an organization dedicated to the anthropological and cultural preservation of extreme metal music.

Album Releases

We are licensing and releasing classic yet unpublished/out-of-print albums for deluxe edition releases.


We are quickly becoming known in the metal industry as the premiere label for ultra-quality editions of classic and cult albums.

Our Roster

Many of the most important musicians in experimental metal: Strapping Young Lad, Ihsahn, Psycroptic, Sigh, Kauan, maudlin of the Well, Whourkr, Lykathea Aflame, Negură Bunget.

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Posted in: Album Releases
April 22, 20123 years ago

Abigail Williams's "Becoming" on Special Edition Vinyl!

In addition to the bands' breakthrough first record, "Legend," we've just picked up Abigail Williams's current black metal opus, "Becoming!" Pre-orders in early May. Read more
Posted in: Album Releases
April 22, 20123 years ago

maudlin of the Well CDs/LPs released! ALMOST SOLD OUT!

motW CDs and LPs were released. We sold almost 1000 records in pre-order. We have roughly 30 copies of each CD left and 50 copies of each LP. Read more
Posted in: Album Releases
March 10, 20123 years ago

motW CD Visuals!

maudlin of the Well CD and LP pre-orders are almost sold out! Check out some visuals! Read more
February 27, 20123 years ago

Become a member of "The World's First Death Metal NGO"

An opportunity for supporting membership to those who share our dreams: Creating a better world through the religion of metal. Read more