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Release News / Pre-orders - jhurskas - 03-31-2016

There is so much going on that it´s increasingly hard to keep up with new and interesting stuff... Po links, dates, etc.

RE: Release News - jhurskas - 03-31-2016

New Gojira album coming out this summer.

Teaser sound very promising imho...

RE: Release News - Blood Music - 03-31-2016

Nice! Good idea. There was a pre-order thread (items that came for sale) in the previous forum - why don't we make this a new release / pre-order thread?

RE: Release News - hugo - 03-31-2016

Well, the new Cough is up for PO at and the new song is an interesting one with organs and stuff

RE: Release News / Pre-orders - Godflesh - 04-01-2016

This new Cough wipes the floor with the newest Electric Wizard.

RE: Release News / Pre-orders - jhurskas - 04-04-2016

Anyone interested in Japanese psych?
Kikagaku Moyo / 幾何学模様 - House in the Tall Grass LP went just up on

[Image: Kikagaku-Moyo-House-In-The-Tall-Grass.jpg]

RE: Release News / Pre-orders - Blood Music - 04-07-2016

^^^ Just threw that on and it sounds really cool so far!

RE: Release News / Pre-orders - Blood Music - 04-07-2016

Man, I really liked the two tracks live on that Kikagaku Moyo - definitely gonna keep an eye out for that album coming out. Feel free to post more like that for sure! Any other Japanese psych to recommend?

RE: Release News / Pre-orders - DarcX - 04-07-2016

No Japanese psych here, buuut the only Korean group that I listen to, Jambinai, is releasing their sophomore soon! They're this crazy instrumental band that combines post-metal with traditional Korean instruments (that means microtones!). Here's the single from that: They Keep Silence.

If you want to check out their other stuff, their first album is called Différance, and here's one of my favorite tracks from that: Grace Kelly.

RE: Release News / Pre-orders - Emplate - 04-07-2016

The collaboration album of Cult of Luna and Julie Christmas has me quite interested. I think the release date's tomorrow?

Also, it is my understanding that Esoteric is in the studio right now? Obviously the release date's somewhere in the foreseeable future.