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Author: Blood Music


SIGH, Sex, & Old Age: Into the Mind of Mirai

From a career that spans 22 years, Mirai Kawashima speaks about Sigh's upcoming album [In Somniphobia], his relationship with saxophonist Mikannibal, and growing into ones 40s in the metal scene. Read more

ex-Berzerker member speaks The Senseless

Sam Bean (ex-The Berzerker, ex-Mithras) waxes poetic on the injustices of the extreme music industry and the science of metal solitude. Read more

First blog post!

This is a placeholder. Because we will be writing articles on bands and about subjects that have nothing to do with our roster of projects. Simply because we love what people are doing around the world and enjoy ideologies behind some things that are not our "own." Those posts will be syndicated here and on the revered black metal blog: Lurker's Path.